IMTIC - Inverse Method For Tissue Characterization

Software to visualize the large arteries & parietal qualities in order to help the decision of the surgical act and to prevent the risk of rupture of the aneurysm

IMTIC software can be used to model the mechanical behavior of the aortic wall in order to reconstruct the aorta in 3D and its wall quality from the patient's in vivo data. The software uses the CT images in a specific interval in order to assess the behavior of the aorta, to deduce its parietal quality via signal processing, and to highlight the location of pathological and healthy areas of the vessel. It does not require any additional patient procedure or additional imaging device.

Using the displacement fields, the map of the wall deformation is obtained over the entire length of the aorta, along with the stiffness parameters. It is thus possible to identify the patients presenting risks, to estimate the wall quality before the surgical operation, to identify the biomechanical parameters responsible for possible failures of endovascular treatment, to follow the evolution of vascular pathologies, to best size prostheses and stents.


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Reference: IMTIC [D02695]

Key words: Medical device, E-health, imaging, numerical simulation, planning, endoprosthesis, surgery

TRL: TRL 4 => TRL 5


Applications :

Target Markets :

  • Clinical and surgical decision support
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of the wall quality of the arteries
  • Understanding of aneurysm pathologies
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • In Vivo visualization of the aorta with projection of biomechanical properties
  • Medical Device software
Competitive Advantages :

Intellectual Property :

  • Measurement based on dynamic 3D image acquisition (scanner, tomography, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Fast measurement without calibration
  • Compatible with traditional imaging systems (input data in standard DICOM format)
  • Patent (pending), software




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