Automatic hemodynamics monitoring

Patients hemodynamics monitoring is a key factor in modern medical applications. Medical specialist have to control the hemodynamics to detect and/or to avoid tissue lesions throughout medical management and to monitor the patient's recovery. In medical research applications, a color camera and a white light illumination can be used to monitor the patient hemodynamics. Such an implementation usually requires a complexe and device dependant calibration. We propose a software that can be used with any kind of color camera to analyse the patient hemodynamics relying on an automatic calibration of the acquisition chain

Many applications are possible :

  • Mapping brain functions in neurosurgery (being evaluated)
  • Reperfusion monitoring in cardiac surgery
  • Remote patient monitoring for skin grafting


PULSALYS is looking for industrial partners for the commercialization of the technology.

REFERENCE : Neuroimaging [D02588]

KEYWORDS : Hemodynamic monitoring/automatic calibration

TRL : 3 =>  TRL 4-5 by 2021


Applications :

Target Markets :

  • Identification of brain functional areas during neurosurgery
  • Hemodynamics monitoring : cardiac perfusion, skin transplantation ...
  • Hospitals, Telemedicine
  • Microscope, Robots, Medical device manufacturers
  • Medical imaging software
Competitive Advantages :

Intellectual Property :

  • Non invasive, contactless and real time solution
  • Automatic calibration
  • Provides functional information
  • Provides tissue lesion information
  • Detection of any temporal hemodynamic variation
  • Wide field imaging
  • Working on a patent registration


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