Research engineer in artifical intelligence and computational geometry

15 avril 2021

Référence : 1u4331j


Description de l'entreprise

PULSALYS, Lyon & Saint Etienne DeepTech innovations incubator and accelerator, develops tomorrow’s novating products & services, by turning Université de Lyon’s research labs’ scientific discoveries into business opportunities for companies and startups.  

As part of a project with INSA de Lyon labs, CREATIS and LIRIS, in collaboration with the startup VISUAL BEHAVIOR, PULSALYS is looking for a research engineer for an 18 months contract. 

Description de l'offre

The aim of this project is to develop a navigation unit intended for a robot, which will give it the capacity of moving about its environment by locating itself within it and drawing out a map.

This program aims the technological development and the implementation of a SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) algorithm adapted to moving objects in a scene, and integrating innovative and original data and particular images processing on color, depth, optical flow and others.

The job will involve :

-       Making a bibliographic study of SLAM approaches

-       Picking out SLAM methods adapted to moving objects

-       Defining an architecture necessary to this new SLAM’s implementation

-       Integrating the technological bricks developed throughout the project to this architecture by successive iterations

-       Evaluating the performances of such successive iterations system and adapting it if need be

-       Writing the design and evaluation documentation.

Description du profil

You have a PhD degree in artificial intelligence science and a profound knowledge of computer vision, computational geometry, and more specifically, mutiple view geometry, and C++ development. A knowledge in mathematics, such as linear algebra and optimization will be a real advantage.

You understand the management of a technical project with outside partners ; you show real capacity of adaptation to a multidisciplinary approach and can handle your projects autonomously. You are motivated by the startup environment ; a real asset to the project will be your ability to show initiative, work, adaptation and your motivation to grow. An integration to the startup is possible.

The position will be available as soon as possible, for a length of 18 months, within the CREATIS and LIRIS labs, on LyonTech La Doua Campus, in Villeurbanne. Eventually, a long term position is a possibility ; it will be up to you to show your commitment in order to join the team and be in it for the long run. The salary will be calculated based on your profile and experience