Postdoctoral position in molecular and supramolecular chemistry applied carbon capture and utilization for the recovery of metals f/h

13 September 2023

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Description de l'entreprise

PULSALYS, incubateur et accélérateur d’innovations DeepTech de Lyon et Saint Etienne, construit les produits et services innovants de demain, en transformant les découvertes scientifiques issues des laboratoires de l’Université de Lyon en opportunités économiques pour les entreprises et les startups.

The Institute of Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry (ICBMS) of the University Lyon 1 (UCBL) in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-CE, T. A. Hatton group), the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Cornell University (G. Gadikota group) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL, D. J. Heldebrant group) is seeking to fill an opening for a 24 month post-doctoral scholar in carbon capture and utilization for metal recovery, within the framework of the collaborative project INSPIRE, funded by the American Department of Energy (DOE), starting Oct 2023.

 The successful candidate will join an international team of top-level experts in chemistry and engineering from the academic sector, to address challenging, fundamental questions and develop an innovative Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology. The candidate will also have the opportunity to work with the advanced instrumentation available at various research and technology platforms  of the consortium.

Description de l'offre

The position will investigate, at the molecular scale, the reactivity and coordination chemistry (kinetics and thermodynamics) of metal cations found in aluminum manufacturing, iron and steel making  effluent, with CO2-based ligands (carbamates, carbonates and amines) as well as the physical properties of the corresponding salts and complexes. The final goal of the project is to develop an eco2-efficient technology of concomitant carbon capture and mineralization and metal recovery from waste streams. This technology is validated by solid proofs of feasibility which have been gathered by the members of the consortium, including a new electrochemical co-developped by Lyon University and the MIT. This new process is currently being patented and the postdoctoral researcher hired will have the opportunity to further contribute to this document as a co-inventor.

The position requires a strong background in molecular, physical and supramolecular chemistry, good understanding of and experience with hydrometallurgy, sustainable chemistry, analytical techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance, inductive coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-OES) and titration methods. Familiarity with mechanochemistry, electrochemistry and redox reactions of critical and strategic elements is also desirable. This position will also involve coordination of efforts between researchers at four research centers, preparation of reports and proposals, and travel to consortium meetings to present research results. As a contributor to a group effort, the candidate will have the opportunity to lead studies, including the preparation of manuscripts, and contribute to tangential research efforts.

Description du profil

A Ph.D. in molecular (organic) chemistry is required by the start date of employment.

The preferred candidate should have:

• Demonstrated experience with physical chemistry techniques (thermodynamic and kinetics monitoring of species in solution, analysis of equilibria within complex/multiphasic systems)

• Experience with solid characterization techniques / Mechanochemistry

• The ability to design and conduct research addressing fundamental scientific questions

• Expertise in characterization techniques, including ICP-OES, UV-VIS/NMR and potentiometric titration

• Knowledge in molecular organic chemistry, theory of solid-liquid-gas phase equilibria, coordination chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, physical chemistry and electrochemistry

• Experience in structural characterization of solutions and solids, including e.g. FTIR, UV-VIS, ssNMR,

• Familiarity with data processing and design of experiments approach

• Excellent analytical problem-solving skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

• Experience with proposal writing, technical writing, and presentations

 Two or more scientific journal publications demonstrating applications of the above experience and skills is a plus.

The initial term of the appointment is 24 months from the date of hire.  The gross monthly salary will be between 2,300 – 2,500 euros depending on experience.

 For full consideration, applicants must upload the following materials with their application: 1) a cover letter (one page or less) summarizing their qualifications and research interests, 2) a complete academic CV, and 3) the names and contact information for at least 2 references.

Application review will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. Research will be conducted at the DOUA Campus of the University Claude Bernard, Villeurbanne FR in the Applied Supramolecular Chemistry group of the ICBMS.